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James Jumonville joined Penguin Entertainment in 2014 but has been DJing since 1997. During his six-year naval tour in 1997, James began performing as a club DJ in Japan and Italy and was soon sought out by wedding and corporate clients alike.

After moving back to Texas, he continued DJing while obtaining his degree in music composition and theory from Southwestern University at Georgetown. As a composer, he created works for orchestra, chamber ensemble, voice, guitar, and various instruments. He also wrote music for animated films, film shorts, and television commercials. As a vocalist, he has sung with the Southwestern University Chorale and San Gabriel Choir. He is also the beloved director of a middle school choir program, having proved so popular that in just one year his choir classes have nearly tripled in enrollment.

James's passion for music, attention to detail, and winning personality make him a perfect host for wedding receptions and company parties. He's fun, stylish, and eminently lovable. We're lucky to have him!

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