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"We got glowing reviews on the music...
in short, YOU ROCK!"

                                         ISES, Austin, TX

Pricing an event can be a tricky thing...

Factors to take into consideration include facility size and layout, coverage area(s), setup and teardown particulars, equipment needed, number of guests, type of event, and so many more. That said...

We can give you a pretty good ball-park estimate of what your event might cost using the following pricing parameters...


Event type

Weddings are our bread-n-butter and range from $795 to $1795 for up to 5 hours of performance time, which includes all setup and teardown times. Price variance depends on the deejay selected, complexity of the event, facility particulars, and equipment needed.

Major corporate events would fall into the same parameters, although small company parties can start as low as $695.

Birthday parties and fundraisers for worthy organizations begin at $595 (also subject to the above criteria).


Most events can be handled by our basic system: console with controller, ipod mixer, and laptop; 150 w/ch amp, 1 cordless hand-held microphone, 2 speakers (15 " woofers), and stands. The basic pricing above would increase should there be a need for the following additional equipment:

 *a subwoofer: $75

 *a more powerful amp: $60     

 *lapel mic or extra cordless hand-held mic: $60 each    

 *run a third speaker to a secondary coverage area: $50                                           
 *a powered speaker for ceremony or cocktail music in a different area: $100              

 *extras speakers in the main area (for an extra large ballroom): $50/speaker

 *a PA system in a separate area (i.e. for a ceremony): $300 (includes a lapel mic)



The following items may be added for the listed charges:

* Overtime: Add $100 for each hour of performance time beyond the package price (which will typically include either 4 or 5 hours).

* Party favors: a big box of boas, hat, shades, glow bracelets, and other novelty items sure to be a hit at your party: $75 and up.

* Fog machine: $75

* Karaoke: $75-150, depending on the package.

* projector and screen: $250 (includes setup and operation).

* lighting: back lights are $25 times how many you need; dance floor lighting varies but a standard 4-LED light tree and controller is $200 or $375 for 2 trees.

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To get an exact quote, please give us a call or use the "CONTACT US" form (link below) and tell us all about your event. Thanks so much!

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